The 2017 Annual Sustainability Awards

On 29th June we held our Annual Sustainability Awards, recognising the amazing work carried out by our staff, students and external partners to support us on our sustainability journey.

It was the first year we included external partners within the awards but thought that it was about time as it is down to them that our engagement at our events can get bigger and better each year.

So, if you were unable to make the awards yourself, keep reading to find out who won what!

CampUS Challenge winner – Floyer House!

Floyer House reduced their electricity consumption by 21% and their gas consumption by 15% making them the biggest energy saving hall this year!

Floyer house campus challenge.JPG


Sustainability Partnership Awards: Waste

Better World Books

better world books.JPG

British Heart Foundation


Sustainability Partnership Awards: Biodiversity

Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

Thames 21

Sustainability Partnership Awards: Community

Tower Hamlets Clean and Green

th clean and green.JPG

The Salvation Army

salvation army.JPG

Sustainability Partnership Awards: Sustainable Travel

Recycle Your Cycle


MET Police Safer Cycling teams


Sustainability Partnership Awards: Energy


Carbon Credentials

Briar Associates

Sustainability Individual Awards

Ed Oliver

Bronwen Eastaugh

indivdual award bronwen.JPG

Kimberly Eyre

individual kimberly eyre

Simon Barlow

Green Mary Bronze Awards

Green Sassy Peas (Centre for Cancer Prevention)

Green sassy peas.JPG

Health and Safety

Green Mary Silver Award



Green Mary Gold Awards

The GITs (IT Services)


The Sustainables (Careers)


Sustainabiliteam (QMSU)


Enviro = M&C² (Widening Participation)

ECO-mmunicators (Marketing and Communications)


The Green Bees (EaF Mile End)

green bees.JPG

Special Awards: Innovation

The Green Rooms (Residential Support) – Sustainability Survey

resi support (2).JPG

Special Awards: Green Mary Hero

Staff: Roberta Maroni & Kate Amis

Student: Poppy Hanna & Luke Tappouni


Special Awards: Innovation

The Green Rooms (Residential Support) – Support for Friends of the Royal London Hospital




Special Awards: Best Team Name

Eco-mmunicators (marketing and comms)


Special Awards: Best Mascot

The GITs (IT) – Teddy!


Special Awards: Best Newcomer & Best Event (Shine Night Walk)

Green Sassy Peas (Centre for Cancer Prevention)

Green sassy peas

Special Awards: Best Small Team

The GITs (IT)

gits 3

Best Allotment! 

Plot 4 (Jenny Murray, Sabia Tobias, Ed Oliver, Julie Herd)

allotment 4

Top 2 Gold Award teams:

EnvironMENTAL (International Team)


The Green Rooms (Residential Support)

resi support (2)

The 2016/17 Platinum winning team is…

Geography Greens!

geography (3).JPG






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