There is an alternative to plastic cups!

As part of the Green Mary Workbook, Cathy on behalf of IT Services has written a short blog about their discovery of an alternative to plastic cups!

I just wanted to spread the good news that there is an alternative to plastic cups!

We have been hearing on social media recently about the devastating effects of our throwaway plastic, clogging up the sea and our waterways and being eaten by wildlife who are unable to discern the hazard of eating it. They are feeding it to their young who are dying of malnutrition so ANYTHING we can do to prevent this should be good news for everyone.

Measures are being taken by various warm-hearted individuals in the form of reusing plastic bags to crochet blankets and mats for homeless people, an Instagram user has created the “five minute beach clear up” with great effect, windows in the third world are being created using plastic bottles, and in India a scheme of edible cutlery has meant that in certain areas, plastic cutlery has been banned.  Let’s do our bit to save our precious planet and buy these compostable cups if we can’t use glass ones!

Remember – this is our Life, this is our Planet – THIS IS NOT A DRESS REHEARSAL!!!!

To find out  more about the cups, take a look here.



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