Everything you need to know about getting rid of your unwanted belongings when you leave halls

It’s coming up to move-out again, so we’ve put together a blog with everything you need to know about getting rid of and donating any of your unwanted items when you leave. We hope you find this useful, please do let your friends/flatmates know about this information too if you see them throwing away something that could be donated to a great cause.

British Heart Foundation

We have 3 permanent BHF bins on campus (between Beaumont & Creed, between Maynard & Varey, Lock Keepers). We are also putting temporary BHF boxes in the following locations for you to donate items to more easily during move out:

  • Floyer hall entrance & laundry
  • Dawson Hall entrance & laundry
  • France House reception & laundry
  • Stocks Court laundry
  • Feilden Laundry
  • Ifor Evans Laundry

Items must be put into BHF bags before they are put in the boxes – the cleaners will be delivering lots of bags to your communal kitchens. If you need more bags you will be able to collect some from France House reception.

The following items can be donated to BHF: clothes, books, electrical items, handbags, CDs, DVDs, games, toys, homeware.

Please note that the following cannot be donated via BHF: knives, blankets, carpets, cushions, glass, metal, paper, pillows, duvets, rags, rubbish, rugs or VHS video tapes.
Please do not put knives of any sort in these boxes.british-heart-foundation-brighton-funeral-director-charity


Books can be donated to Better World Books, an organisation that collects unwanted books for free to keep them out of landfill.

Donation boxes can be found in the Mile End Library, West Smithfield Library and Whitechapel Library.




If you have any unwanted food items left, non-perishable items can be donated to Bow Food Bank, there are donation boxes in the Students’ Union Hub, Village Shop and Infusion on the Mile End campus. You can also donate toiletries and cleaning items here.

You can also use Olio, a free app that allows you to connect with neighbours and local shops so surplus food and other items can be shared, not thrown away. There is an Olio drop box in the Village Shop.


Batteries, glasses & mobile phones

There are a number of battery collection bins across campus, including at the Library, France House reception and Housing Hub. A full list of locations can be found here.

All unwanted glasses (with or without lenses) & mobile phones can be sent/dropped off to the Sustainability team in E223, Queens’ Building, Mile End campus. The Sustainability team forward phones to recycle4charity and glasses are sent to Vision Aid Overseas.

vao logo.cmyk [Converted]recycle4charity-logo3






If you have a bike that you no longer need, you can drop this off at security at France House who will keep hold of it until Recycle your Cycle collect it.

Recycle your Cycle collect abandoned bikes across the UK to take them to prisoners where they train prisoners no how to refurbish them before selling them on to support UK hospices and these rehabilitation programmes. This will also mean that valuable bicycle parking spaces are not taken up by unused abandoned bicycles.



All other waste

For all other waste that cannot be recycled/donated by any of the methods above, please use the skips that will be located across campus (locations in the map below). We will have a number of general waste and recycling skips, as well as containers for electrical waste.

Move out locations skips

Selling items on Campusboard

Finally, if you have any items worth selling check out Campusboard, an online social network that you can use to help you find accommodation, trade textbooks and any other unwanted items with other students at QMUL and other university campuses.


If you want to donate any items that are not covered in this blog, it is unlikely that we can recycle or donate the item currently. Please place the item in one of the general waste skips or get in touch with sustainability to double check sustainability@qmul.ac.uk. You can also take a look at our waste and recycling webpages and sustainability map for more information. 





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