Residences take on the allotment!

Residential Support are one of our most proactive Green Mary Teams! Read below to hear about their experience with the onsite allotment…


This is Residential Support’s second year of running their own section of the allotment, which helps us to complete our biodiversity criteria within the workbook, and to give any wannabe green-fingered staff a chance to get involved with planting and maintaining our patch.

Whilst we are always excited to start planting, we struggled to agree on what crops we could plant over the winter period. We therefore enlisted the students of Queen Mary’s Halls at Green Mary Day in September, to try and help us decide what should be planted.

We created a tally chart with four winter options: Garlic, Spring Onions, Spinach and Carrots. The students were then asked which of the crops they would choose to be grown in the allotment. Following on from this, we have now planted Onions and Spinach for the winter period.

The survey proved to be great way to speak to students about our allotment, whilst also being a good opportunity to tell them more about how small things like that can help contribute to a more bio-diverse campus.



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