Student Money Day!

Student Money Day


As part of Student Money Week, Residential Support teamed up with the Co-op to educate students on how to save their money, by changing their buying habits when food shopping. To do this we had a number of fun activities outside The Curve to challenge students to consider the value of products.

The first of these was a ‘guess the difference’ challenge, which included two baskets containing a typical weekly shop. The first of these baskets contained brand names versus the second basket of Co-op’s own range. With almost a £20 price difference, the results were pretty shocking on how much you could save by buying non-branded products.

Some students had concerns over whether the own brand products wouldn’t taste as nice or be of the same quality, so we attempted to dispel these doubts by having a taste test of a selection of foods. A majority of the time students struggled to tell which product was the more expensive one, and when it came to the crisp tasting round there were staggering numbers of those who preferred the own brand crisps.

To send students on their way thinking about money saving strategies we provided students with free kitchen cooking utensils and money jars, as well as free potatoes and apples. This will hopefully encourage students to cook more at home rather than eating out, and to cook together as a flat. This would present a good opportunity to experience foods from different cultures, with the diverse community we have in halls.

Overall, the objective was to speak to students about how to save money in a personal and social way, building on the community we’ve created with residents over the past year. To help this, Co-op provided us with free croissants and we had several RA’s dressed in costumes to create a relaxed social vibe.



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