This is a guest blog by Bespoke, a collaboration between the research teams of the Orthopaedic and Emergency Departments of Barts Health NHS Trust, and with Barts Charity to explore bicycle related injuries in London.

At Bespoke we are passionate about making London a safe place for cyclists. We want to understand where cycling incidents are happening in London, what types of injuries occur and how well people recover. As people who ride bicycles, our ultimate aim is to make cycling in London safer for all.

We need as many cyclists as possible to report any cycling collisions or near misses to the website or download the app.

On the website you can log details about either a near miss or a collision, and then this information is forwarded directly to our researchers.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re commuting to work, or planning a cycling day out in our great capital, visit today!

Over the last 10 years there has been an increase of nearly 400% in the number of cyclists being brought to the Royal London Hospital (Royal London Hospital TARN data)

HGVs make up 4% of traffic in London but are involved in 53% of cyclists deaths (GLA, 2013)

Junctions account for 20% of road space but are the sites of 75% of cyclist deaths (GLA, 2013)

The Bespoke study is committed to an entirely neutral approach in collecting accurate and unbiased evidence to inform decision-making by transport planners, local councils and healthcare policymakers to make cycling safer.




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