A visit to HM The Mount, Prison


The Sustainability team had a very interesting start to the New Year, with a planned visit to HM The Mount on the 4th of January. We are going to be writing a series of blogs about Recycle Your Cycle and HM The Mount…


Recycle Your Cycle

The team were invited for a visit to the prison by Recycle Your Cycle, one of our partner organisations. Recycle Your Cycle collect donated bicycles as well as abandoned bicycles from police stations and universities (including QMUL) and take them to prisons where inmates are trained to disassemble, fix and clean the bikes as part of their rehabilitation – the scheme also provides the inmates with an income, qualifications and employment prospects when they are released.


QMUL and Recycle Your Cycle

Lots of students at QMUL cycle into university, which is a great way to contribute towards reducing our carbon footprint. However, we do have  some students who abandon their bikes on campus when they leave QMUL. Ordinarily, these bikes would be sent to landfill where they would impact on the environment but, with Recycle Your Cycle’s intervention, these bikes are collected and restored.

90% of all donated bicycles are refurbished and what can’t be used for parts is then disposed of under WEEE regulations.

The bikes are then sold at various hospices, as well as universities (including at QMUL during events such as Green Mary Week and Bike Week) and at warehouse sales.

QMUL supports this initiative as it has many benefits including; reducing waste, supporting the rehabilitation of inmates, supporting charitable organisations, and providing the opportunity for students to purchase a bike at an affordable price whilst contributing to QMUL’s sustainable transport policy.

What do you think about the initiative? Let us know in the comments!


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