It’s going to be a green Christmas!

As this month’s Green Mary CampUS Challenge theme is waste we thought we would inspire you to reduce the amount of waste you produce this Christmas by sharing some tips for a low waste Christmas;

Make your own Christmas decorations

There are a multitude of Christmas decorations that you can make out of items that you would probably normally think about throwing away. Below are some of our favourite ideas that we’ve found on the web;

Use old jigsaw pieces to make wintery, snowflake themed napkin holders


We love this idea from Brian Patrick Flynn to turn odd jigsaw pieces into napkin holders, if you have some old bangles, you could use those for the ring!

Turn your cookie cutters into tree ornaments


This is a great way to turn something that isn’t used all that often in to a fun ornament, you can even use leftover bits of wrapping paper to go on the back of the cutter.

A snowman made from a light bulb!


We think this idea is so cute, and most of us do have an old light bulb in one of our kitchen drawers that we need to dispose of.

Make your own Christmas cards…


This one is super easy, all your need is some card (preferably recycled!), glitter, glue, bead wire, thread and beads. Louise, our Sustainability Engagement Manager (not at all crafty) had a go at the card above last year and can vouch for how easy and effective the card was!

Use old newspaper to wrap your presents


Did you know that each Christmas the UK throws away 226,800 miles of wrapping paper, which is enough to stretch nine times around the world. Reduce the amount of waste produced by using recyclable newspaper!

Choose loose vegetables and fruit 


Just by making a small change such as buying loose carrots, parsnips and cabbages rather than veg wrapped in plastic can make a difference!


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