Veggie Eats in Mile End

This week is QMUL’s Vegetarian Awareness week and Jane, our resident vegetarian and newest member of the team, will be giving out some top tips on veggie eating!

Hello QM! This is the last edition in my mini-series of blogs for Vegetarian Awareness Week and as it’s almost the weekend, I wanted to recommend some great veggie eateries around the Mile End campus as a welcome alternative to your usual PFC or cheeky Nandos.

The Orange Room

Description: A small orange restaurant (really orange!), which offers a friendly atmosphere with awesome food. BYOB- very cheap!hummus

Where is it? Burdett Road- just opposite Mile End park

Which cuisine? Lebanese

What should I try? If you’re looking for a quick bite or something to go the falafel wrap is for you. (Ask for extra spicy sauce if you like it hot).  Price £3.25.

For a sit in meal I would recommend a meze style dinner. Order 2/3 dishes per person and maybe an extra side. The fatayer b`sabanekh (baked spinach pastries with pine nuts) and kallaj (toasted Lebanese bread stuffed with halloumi) are my personal favourites. As far as dips go humus is a must and moutabal (grilled aubergine dip with lemon and sesame) is definitely worth some of your pitta! Price between £3.50-4.50 per dish.



Description: A little shabby from the outside but this local gem offers up authentic Thai dishes at affordable prices.

Where is it? Mile End Road- opposite Stepney Green Station (it’s tucked in between several takeaway pizza/chicken/kebab shops- look hard!)

Which cuisine? Thainoodles

What should I try? For starters the golden bags (fried bags filled with vegetables and Thai herbs) are a crunchy delight. Price £4.25.

For the main event I would recommend a traditional Thai curry, I like the Penang (thick red curry with ground peanuts) but they offer the full rainbow including jungle curry which is extremely hot! You need to order rice separately so go for the sticky coconut rice, or if you’re feeling adventurous try the garlic rice (surprisingly good!). Price all veggie curries £5.95, rice £2.50

For drinks Rama have a selection of herbal teas and the Singha and Chang beer is exceeding cheap! Price tea £1.20, Beer £2.60


Sing Way

Description: A little takeaway that’s perfect if it’s too cold to venture out.

Where is it? Roman Road

Which cuisine? Oriental

What should I try? To start try the salt and chilli tofu pieces, they’re crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside with tons of flavour! Price £4.40.

For your main meal nothing can beat the veggie Singapore vermicelli noodles, but beware these are particularly spicy so for those who prefer the milder things in life the mushroom fried rice is a tasty alternative. Pair either of these with the stir-fried broccoli with onion and garlic and you have a winning combo! Price noodles £5.40, rice £3.90-4.40, broccoli £3.90.

As Sing Way is a takeaway the portions are on the larger side so you can easily split all dishes between two- perfect for a cosy night in this autumnal weather.


Well that’s all from my Vegetarian Awareness week series, I hope you all enjoyed learning about (and hopefully eating!) veggie food this week. If you want to make veggie meals a regular thing check out some quick and easy recipes from the links below.

Or consider joining the QM Vegan and Vegetarian society to learn more about veggie awareness on campus.


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