Essential Veggie Cupboard Fillers

This week is QMUL’s Vegetarian Awareness week and Jane, our resident vegetarian and newest member of the team, will be giving out some top tips on veggie eating!

Hello everyone! This is the second blog in my mini-series through Vegetarian Awareness week. This time I thought I’d share with you my top veggie cupboard fillers which are all versatile, cheap and of course tasty!

Lentils-These legumes are great for thickening up soups and chillies. They’re also a tasty meat substitute in dishes such as spaghetti bolognaise – no more expensive meat-free mince!

Beans- From the humble kidney bean to the glorious British baked bean you can never have too many. Beans are a great source of protein and are a great addition to breakfast, lunch or dinner.

A classic student way to enjoy beans!

Nuts– Cashews are the most versatile and can liven up a stir-fry or give texture to a salad. For the unfussy a mixed bag works well as you get a lot of variety, I like to sprinkle a few on top of my cereal in the morning or portion out a handful for a midday snack.

Chilli Sauce– I tend not to add salt to my food so my go-to flavour enhancer is chilli. I love all things spicy but for the milder pallet try sweet chilli or mustard seeds for a different kind of heat.


The hot flavour from mustard seeds is caused by different chemicals from those found in chilli seeds.


Oats-Great for breakfast or baking sweet treats (butter flapjacks are a personal favourite!). Oats are a good source of slow releasing energy and leave you with that satisfying full feeling. For all you gym buffs out there add a scoop of oats to a banana smoothie along with your preferred protein flavour for an extra boost.

Raisins– A handful can help to sweeten up a salad or create a Moroccan style couscous. This is another favourite to sprinkle on cereal instead of sugar or add to butter flapjacks for extra chewiness.

Mix and match your cupboard fillers by adding raisins and nuts to your porridge for an extra tasty breakfast!

That’s all from me today but make sure to catch the last post in my mini series on Friday where I’ll let you in on my favourite veggie eats close to our Mile End campus.


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