4 Easy Ways to Eat Veggie

This week is QMUL’s Vegetarian Awareness week and Jane, our resident vegetarian and newest member of the team, will be giving out some top tips on veggie eating!

Hello QMUL! This is my first blog post for Green Mary and I am going to be bringing you some great advice on simple ways to include veggie meals into your diet over the course of Vegetarian Awareness week. I am a life-long veggie so have plenty of tips when it comes to preparing (and eating!) balanced and tasty vegetarian meals. To get started here are my 4 easy ways to eat veggie:

Spice up your life

Meat-eaters may complain that they find vegetarian food bland in comparison to the rich flavours associated with a meat based meal- wrong! The best thing about eating a plant based diet is the ability of vegetables/pulses/legumes to absorb
flavour. Most veg will mop up whatever you cook/ marinade it in (yes you can marinade vegetables too- try this with thick slices of aubergine which you can use instead of meat patties as burgers, a true London favourite!)


If you’re not sure where to start try some simple herbs such as rosemary, basil and oregano and spices such as chilli powder, cumin and cayenne pepper. Experiment with different flavours to expand your spice rack as well as your palate.

Note- you can grab some fresh herbs from the Green Mary Sensory Garden in Beaumont Court!

Don’t replace, re-invent

Though meat substitutes can be really tasty I find they can also be quite limiting and often become boring very quickly. Instead try cooking something which is traditionally vegetarian- British food is rather meat heavy so explore recipes from further afield to get a greater variety. Indian cuisine is a great place to start as large portion
of the population follows a vegetarian diet and with dishes like sag paneer, dal and korma curries a more delicate palate can be easily catered for.


If you’re looking for something a little closer to home try some Spanish tapas- patatas bravas with aioli, Spanish Omelette and roasted Mediterranean veg (don’t forget the olives and Manchego cheese!)

Invite friends

Another great way to get involved with veggie food (and food in general) is to cook for friends. A quick and easy meal to prepare is veggie fajitas. I like to lay out all the components: roasted peppers and mushrooms, tomato salsa, kidney beans and rice, sour cream, guacamole (another London love) and cheese of course (mature cheddar works best!), on the table for D.I.Y wraps. It’s a really interactive way to eat and will enable you to try out a range of flavours as well as encouraging friends to get involved in veggie food.


Get involved and send us a picture of your veggie dinner party! Email us at sustainability@qmul.ac.uk or tag us on social media.

Visit the Curve

Finally, if you’re culinarily challenged or just feeling a little lazy, head on down to the Curve this week and try some of the delicious veggie options available daily. A range of different cuisines are available and all dishes are made on site with fresh ingredients-yum!

Visit http://www.curve.qmul.ac.uk/ for the full range of  vegetarian food available.

That’s all for now but tune in for more veggie tips on Wednesday and Friday this week!



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