Why save energy?


October’s CampUS Challenge theme is energy!

Why is it important to save energy?

  • The majority of our energy is powered by fossil fuels, these are not renewable as they take millions of years to reform. We are using these resources at an unsustainable rate; if we carry on at this rate even without taking into account our growing population, our known oil deposits will be gone by 2052
  • Burning fossil fuels to produce energy emits carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases which lead to global climate change. Climate Change is undisputed by the world’s top scientists and is already leading to devastating consequences. Greenhouse gases lead to the earth warming, this in turn leads to rising sea levels, extreme weather events, coral bleaching and food shortages among other factors.
  • Harmful gases such as Sulfur Dioxide and Nitrous Oxides are also emitted from burning coal to produce electricity, this can lead to acid rain and is very harmful to human lungs.
  • Mining for fossil fuels also causes detrimental affects to the natural environment and the species that live within it.

There are many other impacts from burning fossil fuels and that is why it is essential that we all try to reduce our impact wherever possible! That’s why we want to see your best energy related photos!

To find out more about how the photograph competition works, read our CampUS photo instructions.

Remember, the halls of residence that saves the most energy at the end of the year will win an amazing party with free food, music and games!


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