Winter is coming…

The leaves are turning, along with the weather and you might have noticed that the heating at QMUL has now been switched on.

During the winter months it may be tempting to turn the heating on full but do remember the weather is variable and to avoid staff members becoming uncomfortably hot or cold, the Sustainability Team have written some top tips to stay toasty this winter;

  • If you have a TRV on your radiator, make sure that you are turning it up gradually. In the milder months, try turning it up to around a quarter of the way, this should hopefully avoid staff members becoming too warm. We recommend leaving the TRV to a low setting overnight to maintain the temperature. Once the weather cools down even more, you should then adjust the TRV accordingly.
  • Make sure all windows are shut properly. Even a small gap will produce uncomfortable draughts, so do make sure that the windows are properly sealed.
  • If your office has air conditioning, make sure that this is set to off to avoid wasted energy and the heating battling with the cold air. Never open the windows or turn the air conditioning on when the heating is on, if you are too hot, please turn your TRV down.
  • Wear layers – as the weather can be variable throughout the day, we recommend all staff members wear layers so that they can stay comfortable – you could always leave a winter jumper at work in case the temperature drops to an uncomfortable temperature.
  • If your office is particularly cold, make sure that you take regular breaks and get your body moving.


Following these simple tips will not only ensure you and your colleagues are comfortable at work but will also contribute to QMUL’s ambitious carbon reduction target of 34%tCO2e by 2020.

Remember, if you would like to contribute to the University’s sustainability remit and be rewarded for your efforts why not join the Green Mary Staff workbook? Please email for more information.


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