Seasonal vegetables

Each month our chefs in the Curve create dishes containing the ‘seasonal vegetable’ of the month. So, what are the benefits of eating seasonal produce?

Better for the environment

When you purchase fruit and vegetables that are not in season, they have often been grown far away or in artificially heated greenhouses. Shipping fruits and vegetables long distances leads to increased greenhouse emissions and pollution. Where possible, as well as choosing seasonal produce, try to ensure that it is local.

Additionally, seasonal produce is more likely to grow without too many pesticides.


Generally speaking, seasonal vegetables will taste fresher and more flavoursome as well as being more nutritious. When fruit and vegetables are shipped a long way they are picked whilst they are still immature to ensure they don’t spoil, this affects both the taste and nutritional value of the product.


Eating seasonal produce will encourage you to not just buy the same vegetables as you always do and will encourage you to branch out.


If you are purchasing fruit and vegetables from a local market, it may be the case that the in season produce is cheaper due to the abundance, so not only is sourcing seasonally good for the environment and your health, it’s also good for your pocket.

Keep an eye out on our “Seasonal Recipes” page for new recipes each month!


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