Green Mary CampUS Challenge

This September we launched our brand new initiative, The Green Mary CampUS Challenge and we are really excited! The Green Mary CampUS Challenge is Queen Mary’s internal campaign to reduce energy use and to promote sustainability within the university owned halls of residences.

We are running several competitions throughout the campaign with some fantastic prizes up for grabs. The main competition is between the halls of residences to reduce their electricity consumption; at the end of the year the halls of residence that has reduced their electricity usage by the biggest percentage will win a party with free food, games and music!

We are also running monthly photo competitions with different themes; students can win prizes by either posting the first photo of the month or thinking outside of the box and posting what we think is the best picture. We will be awarding extra points for creativity and impact! And if one prize isn’t enough, at the end of the year, our favourite winner will also win a Kindle.

Make your pledge count!

As part of our Green Mary CampUS Challenge campaign, we are asking all students that sign up to make a pledge for how they will try and reduce their environmental impact over the next year. The best and most original pledge will win a prize so to get you feeling inspired, we at the Sustainability Team have made our own pledges;


To sign up to the campaign and make your pledge, please register here


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