Getting around QMUL (the sustainable way)

Are you joining us at QMUL in September? If you are, and you’re wondering what’s the best way to get around (sustainably), then you’ve come to the right place.


Cycle, cycle, cycle!

Cycling is a great way to get around, if you’re in-between campuses or are within a sensible distance then consider cycling into QMUL. We are in the process of improving our cycle facilities at QMUL, adding over 150 extra bike parking spaces and on-site bike pumps. We will update the cycle maps when the project is complete, but until then,  you can find last years maps here.

Brand new bike racks installed next to the SU!

We’re also looking at ways we can support and encourage more people to cycle, and one thing we have done this year is increased the number of cycle-related events we offer across all three major campuses. We have scheduled 18 free bike maintenance sessions, 4 of which will offer free parts. We will also be having bike sales, bike lock sales and free bike marking from the MET police throughout the year and, hopefully, at all three major campuses.

Our first major event is Green Mary day on 22nd September where you can expect to see a bike sale from Recycle Your Cycle who will be selling refurbished bikes starting from £40. If you don’t want to bring your bike halfway across the country when you’re moving in, just pop along to our bike sale in Library Square, chat to one of the experts and pick your bike! Once you’ve done that you can take it over to the bike mechanic who will service it for free and then to the police who will mark it for you. If you need a lock you can even head over to the bike sale that will be held by Bikeworks who can talk you through the best lock for keeping your bike secure and you’ll get 10% off if you show your student/staff card. After you’ve checked out all of the cycling stalls, do take a look at what else is going on.

If you need even more persuading to come along to Green Mary day then there will be a giant BLT shaped inflatable slide in the student village (yes, you did read that right)! To find out what else to expect, click here.

Our last bike sale in Library Square

Explore by foot

If you’re joining QMUL and are going to be living in halls of residences, the chances are you won’t need to go that far to get to where you need to go. Our campus is right next to Regent’s Canal so, when you’ve settled in and have time, go for a wonder and explore the area by foot. We have written a blog post before on some walks around the area if you’re looking for some inspiration!


Leave your car at home

Finally, leave your car at home! You’re moving to London so you don’t need a car when there’s the tube (and hopefully soon to be 24 hours)! Parking is minimal for students and staff at QMUL so, unless you want to pay lots of fines, ditch the car before you come and familiarise yourself with the tube/bus. TfL Journey Planner is always a good place to go to work out the best and quickest way to get around.


How are you planning to get around at QMUL? Let us know in the comments and if you have any questions, just get in touch at


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  1. W says:

    Until there is secure cycle parking more available on QM campus or individuals have access to indoor storage, I discourage people to leave their bicycles around campus. I have had my bicycle stolen, while securely locked, on campus, only to be told by security and Tower Hamlets police that if someone has been watching me and my bicycle for a couple of days, he/she will figure out how to take it. I have heard similar stories from others. I am now in the fortunate position to keep my new bicycle in a locked office, but not without feeling personal and financial pains associated with having a bicycle stolen from campus.


    1. Sara Aziz says:

      I am sorry that you’ve had your bicycle stolen on campus. We do have secure bike lockers, 7 of which are still available to rent. We work with security to choose locations for bike racks that are in the most secure locations possible on campus. As QMUL is an open campus, we can’t guarantee that bikes won’t be stolen but can only do what we can to ensure that the risks are minimised. We do this by choosing as secure locations as possible and by providing free cycle marking from the MET police. We have cycle marking on the 22nd September in Library Square.


      1. W says:

        I understand the efforts being put in place for bicycles on campus, and those are appreciated. Some people simply cannot afford a bicycle locker. As both security and the police told me, “If they want it, they will take it.” My bicycle was marked, thoroughly locked, and placed in an area with CCTV. (Which I later found out is not always pointed in that direction.) People do need to be very aware of the risk of theft, even on campus and in plain view, during normal working hours.

        In addition to simply installing more bicycle racks outside, is there also discussion about the potential of indoor and monitored storage? Or a gated area, or really, anything more secure?


  2. Sara Aziz says:

    I completely agree it’s important people are aware of the risk of theft at all times (not just of bikes of of their personal belongings in general). We work to highlight the importance of this at our events with the police and external partners as the safety of students and their belongings is extremely important to us.

    We don’t have any funding to improve/enhance the network of security cameras or to install secured cycle racks at the moment but it is something that is always on our radar and something we would love to provide if funding becomes available in the future.


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