Annual Sustainability Awards

Last Wednesday was the day of our Annual Sustainability Awards, an exciting event celebrating all of the amazing sustainability related work going on around the university from staff and students.

With over 60 attendees from across QMUL attending the awards, we were able to recognise and celebrate the hard work of those who took part in our QMUL Green Mary Workbook scheme and the Student Switch Off campaign this year. Over 20 Green Mary teams took part and the Student Switch Off winners, Floyer House, reduced their energy consumption by 24.5%.

Professor Peter McOwen, Vice Principal for Public Engagement and Student Enterprise, opened the awards and Andy Flett, Assistant Director (Sustainability) closed the ceremony. Both recognising that everyone in the room was key to transforming QMUL into a leading institution for sustainability.

Student Switch Off

Student Switch Off is a national campaign run by the NUS, which encourages student action on climate change. Over 50 universities compete in energy saving competitions in halls of residence through various competitions and events. This year Floyer House was the best residence achieving the highest rating for energy saving activities, reducing their energy consumption by 24.5%!

We held a beach themed BBQ at Floyer House at the beginning of June to celebrate the success with the residents who achieved this amazing energy saving and at the awards, residential assistant Poppy collected the chocolate gift on behalf of the residential team, as a big thank you for their support throughout the campaign!


Green Mary

This year 22 teams of staff from across QMUL took part in our Green Mary competition. Not only does the work of the Green Mary teams around the university save energy and help improve the environment here at QMUL, but it is also a great way for teams to bond and work collaboratively, across departments, away from their usual day-to-day jobs.

The overall winner for the year was EECS (aka Gr’EECS) who achieved a platinum award for their work. The Gr’EECS team have the support of senior management, with a standing agenda item for Green Mary in their school meetings.  They have also collaborated with Geography and have created an agenda of activities to support staff wellbeing, including massages, fitness sessions and seminars. On top of this, the team has taken the initiative in supporting energy reduction at a local level, replacing all inefficient lighting in the student ITL lab with LED lighting and installing thermal blinds in the main admin office to help regulate the temperature.

The Gr’EECS team (and their team mascot, Gregory the worm)

Seven teams achieved the Green Mary Gold Award: IT, Careers (Green Careers), CAPD (CAPeD Crusaders), Estates and Facilities (Green Bees), Finance (Envirofi), Geography (Geography Greens) and the Housing Hub (Green is the new black). Award winners were presented with a certificate and a box of Fairtrade chocolates to enjoy! A full list of Green Mary award winners are listed below.


Platinum Award winners

Gold Award winners

CAPD (CAPeD Crusaders)

Geography (Geography Greens)


Careers (Green Careers)

Estates and Facilities (Green Bees)

Finance (Envirofi)

The Housing Hub (Green is the new black)

Silver Award winners
The Library (West Smithfield, Mile End and Whitechapel)


COO (Green COO Crew)

International Office (International Team)

Marketing and Communications (Eco-mmunicators)

Events and Marketing (Green Events)

Widening Participation (Enviro=M&C2)

Bronze Award winners
The Nursery

Health and Safety

Human resources


ARCS (ARCS Angels)

Special Awards:

Green Careers for their SWISH swap swop events.


Green Mary Hero

Ed Oliver (Geography Greens) for his continued support for Green Mary throughout the year, leading on the toilet twinning in Geography, looking after the allotment wormery and acting as our in-house gardening expert!

Sarah Sauve (Gr’EECS) – for trying to lead a zero waste lifestyle. She has a regular column in the monthly EECS Green Mary newsletter which encourages others in the department to do the same!

Community engagement

Enviro=M&C2 for their use of their allotment with local schools.


Best Team Name

CAPeD Crusaders.



Best Mascot

Gregory the worm from Gr’EECS.



ARCS Angels for being an extremely active team, despite only being formed in October 2015.


Best Event

CAPeD Crusaders for their sustainability in Higher Education seminar. A unique, thought provoking seminar open to all, from a sociological point of view.


A huge thank you to everyone who has taken part in QMUL Sustainability events and campaigns this year. Your efforts continue to contribute to a huge impact campus in terms of encouraging more sustainable behaviours in our offices, classrooms and operations. Thank you!
If you’d like to take part next year (student or staff), get in touch at – we’re always looking for new teams and student auditors!


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