Our top 3 tips for a sustainable festival!

Glastonbury has just finished but the festival season is still well underway. So, if you’re heading to a festival this summer then have a read of our top 3 tips to keep your festival trip as sustainable as possible!

1.Travel smart

Firstly, make sure you get there in a sustainable way. Don’t drive – not only will you probably be stuck in traffic for hours, it’s way worse for the environment. Jump on a train or even a coach. If you really have to drive, make sure you fill up your car with other festival goers to make it as efficient as you can!


2.Tents, tents, tents

Look after your tent! 240,000 tents are sent to landfill or incinerated each year. We know the last thing on your mind at the end of a festival is packing your cheap tent back in its bag to take home, but, it really can make a difference.

My first bit of advice here would be invest in a good tent, the more money you spend on your tent the more likely you are to look after it and take it home with you. A decent tent can last a lifetime and will save you money in the long run if you get good use out of it. If you really don’t want to keep it, though, check out the festivals recycling facilities and see if they’re collecting tents. If not, take it home and donate it to a charity. Lots of charities accept tents to provide basic shelter for refugees – take a look at CalAid and GiftYourGear.

We’ve also discovered a company called Comp-A-Tent – the tents haven’t been launched yet but are fully compostable tents, designed for a long weekend of British weather. Keep an eye out on their website for updates!


3. Recycle!

All major festivals have recycle bins all over the site so make sure you’re putting your rubbish in the right bins, always recycling when possible. If the festival you’re at doesn’t have sufficient bins, let them know they need to up their game!

Don’t forget to bring your own recyclable bottle. An estimated one million plus water bottles are consumed over the four days of Glastonbury which equals a whole lot of plastic waste. This can be reduced massively (and will save you money) if you bring your own bottle to refill over the festival and then take it home with you, or recycle it on site.



We hope you’ve enjoyed our top tips for a sustainable festival. Are you going to any festivals this summer? What are your top tips? Leave your comments below.


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