Green Mary Student Group

We’ve got another guest blogger this week and this time it’s Mawahib from the Green Mary Student group. If you’re thinking of coming to QMUL or are already studying here and would like to find out more about Green Mary, then this blog is for you!

Green Mary Student group….Who are we?

Well we are a small group of enthusiastically sustainable QM students who are passionate about making our university more sustainable. Under the name ‘Green Mary’, we work closely with QM’s Sustainability team, voicing our ideas as well as helping with campaigns and projects run by the Team. You can say we are more on the ‘Social side’ rather than the formal, and AIM to make environmentally- focussed activities FUN!!

We are similar to a traditional society (just under Green Mary rather than Student Union). Our group includes like-minded QMUL students who are environmentally motivated to make a change.

Formal events…

Our Formal events include helping the university’s sustainability team with events such as Green Mary Week, where we promoted sustainability through a thrilling week with five themed days. Events included meat-free Monday, an environmental careers speed meet, tours of local sustainable buildings and our amazing Green Mary Gardens. We also took part in ‘make a difference Friday’, where students could donate to Food Banks and volunteer at local conservation projects run by Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park. Other events include our yearly canal clean up, where we volunteer to help clean the canal by getting on canoes!


Boosting your CV…

Being under the banner of Green Mary, we have first-hand opportunities to meet professionals from the sustainable sector. This allows us to gain more insight into their careers, allowing us to ask crucial questions in a more relaxed, less crowded environment. We also have other opportunities such as Green Mary Project Assistant roles, which allows us to gain training and skills in sustainability. Another opportunity is the Green Mary environmental auditor training, a 1-day training course which equips you with the skills to carry out a sustainable auditing within Queen Mary department. This enables us with a chance to gain real insight into how an audit is carried out, giving us invaluable skills which help boost your CV. We even get a certificate at the end!


Social events…

This year we have had a few exciting social events. Our First event, was the Meet and Greet, which happened shortly after our Launch in February 2015.


This event was to officially meet all of our members who signed up with us during Green Mary week.  Through various ice-breaker activities, we got to know some awesome environmentalists and had an epic time getting to know all the members. Activities included quizzes, pizza eating, socialising and pizza eating (What could be more important than pizza…??).


Other events organised by us includethe ‘Autumn Nature Walk’ down in Victoria Park. We took a stroll down the canal to Victoria Park, were we got to see some awesome views (above pic taken by one of our members with crazy photography skills). This gave us an opportunity to get to know our members better and discus topics which fuel their passion.

Stationary giveaways…

Many departments often buy too much stationary, so instead of dumping it in the bin, why not give it away to hardworking students for free? Green Mary gives us the opportunity to recycle and give way free stationary within the campus, with NO STRINGS ATTACHED. We giveaway freebies and promote sustainability, so it is a win-win situation 🙂


The future and beyond…

We hope to expand and run more sustainable activities, including all of our member’s ideas. Our aim is to make Queen Mary University of London more sustainable and with the help of our members, we can achieve this goal!! If you are environmentally fuelled and have an interest in sustainability, why not join us and make a difference.

Thank you for reading and hope to see you next year!

From your Lovable Green Mary committee 🙂


You can follow us our social media page:

Instagram: @greenmaryqmul

Facebook: Green Mary



-Written by Mawahib, 2nd year Environmental Science student


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