Green Mary News: Raising awareness of the new smoking shelters on campus

Our team alongside Health and Safety, the Students Union, Projects, and Security collaborated to raise awareness of the new smoking shelters in early February.
Smoking became an issue among both the student and staff population due to a ban on smoking across campus. This resulted in people leaving the grounds at night and standing on the Mile End road posing a personal safety risk. The other side to the ban were individuals who choose to ignore this rule because of the aforementioned reason resulting in a social issue of groups of students or staff smoking.
To counteract this smoking shelters have been put in place which we advertised through one of the RAs wearing a large cigarette costume and handing out leaflets highlighting the new smoking areas on campus. With such an eye catching outfit it drew many students to ask what we were advertising and we were able to indicate the new smoking areas to them. The unique costume brought a fun dynamic to this campaign and allowed us to interact with the students more openly.

Cigarette Costume (002).PNG

Written by Green is the New Black.


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