Green Mary News: Helping local homeless men and women

The Finance and ARCS Green Mary Teams went to the Whitechapel Mission to volunteer and help local homeless men and women recently.

The Whitechapel Mission has been serving the homeless and marginalised for 140 years – including a day centre, skills training and career advice, activity programmes and specialist support for complex needs. By encouraging each person to address the issues which caused their homelessness, they help them gain the skills and confidence to make lasting changes.

The Finance and ARCS Green Mary teams spent the morning sorting clothes which were to be used by the Mission. They use these to give people a clean set of clothing after a shower. During the sorting session we were called upon to quickly sort and provide various items of clothing as people were needing fresh clothes there and then. This happened several times and really brought home to us our contribution to the Mission’s work.

It was exhausting and uplifting at the same time. We worked so hard but we had a laugh too. Lovely people. Very well organised and welcoming. More broadly it was a humbling experience and a reminder of how lucky we are with our lives. Afterwards we were all saying that we were very glad we got involved. We got great photos too!!

blog 1

Written by the Finance and ARCS Green Mary teams.


This is an excellent example of a Green Mary team helping the local community. We’d like to hear about more Green Mary teams getting involved with local charities and causes. Let us know if you’ve done something similar and we’ll feature you in our blog!


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