5 reasons why the Curve is the best (and most sustainable) venue on campus

We are proud to announce that the Curve has retained the Bronze Soil Association catering mark for another year. In celebration, we’re going to talk you through 5 reasons why the Curve is the best (and most sustainable) venue on campus for lunches and dinners.

1) The meals are freshly prepared

The first standard in the Bronze criteria states that at least 75% of meals must be freshly prepared and from unprocessed ingredients. This means, for example, that pre-prepared sauces or pre-cooked meats (except ham) cannot be used giving the catering staff better control over exactly what goes into each meal.


2) All meat is from farms which satisfy UK animal welfare standards

A massively important standard. This means that we can be sure that all of the meat coming in to the Curve for dinner and lunch meet minimum standards on animal welfare and that all meat can be traced back to the farm.

Our meat supplier is British Premium Meats, one of the first Catering Butchers to be involved in the Red Tractor scheme, supplying assured meat since 2009!


3) We don’t serve fish from the Marine Conservation Society ‘fish to avoid’ list

One third of all fish stocks worldwide have collapsed due to over fishing and many thousands of dolphins, albatross and turtles are caught by large drift nets or baited hooks. For this reason, we don’t serve any fish from the Marine Conservation Society ‘fish to avoid’ list.



4) Eggs are from free range hens

All of the eggs used in the Curve are from free range hens. Although EU animal welfare regulations have banned conventional battery cages, it still allows for the use of ‘enriched’ cages, meaning that birds are still unable to express their natural behaviour and still don’t meet acceptable animal welfare standards. We make sure all of the eggs that we use are free range so the hens have access to the outdoors and can benefit from daylight and being able to carry out natural behaviours. Egg-cellent.

happy egg

5) No genetically modified ingredients are used

We don’t use any genetically modified ingredients in the Curve. Genetic modification is very different to traditional plant breeding techniques and allows the characteristics of an organism, or the way it grows and develops to change. We therefore avoid using genetically modified crops for a number of reasons, including the potential risks posed to human health and the environment, and the social and economic impacts of the technology, particularly on smallholder farmers in developing countries.


If you’re not already heading to the Curve, then what are you waiting for – what more could you want than a lunch or dinner that’s fresh, healthy, seasonal, traceable, sustainable?


What’s your favourite meal at the Curve? Is there anything you’d like to see on the menus? Let us know in the comments below!


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