Where do we source our meat?

Have you ever wondered where we source some of our food that is served in the Curve? This new blog post series will explore where we source some of our produce that we serve up. This particular blog post will provide a snapshot on where some of our beef, lamb and pork comes from.

Apologies to all of our veggie followers, this one might not be for you but don’t worry, we’ll have a veggie friendly blog post coming your way soon!

British Beef

Hardstones Farm is a 360 acre farm situated on the outskirts of Darlington. 600 cattle are kept here, well cared for and fed on crops grown on the farm.

hardstones farm

British Lamb

Elliot farm is set in the pretty village of Penshurst, Kent and overlooks Penshurst Place. The 1,000 acre farm is home to over 1,000 sheep and specialises in lamb, concentrating mainly on 2 breeds; the Dorset Cross and the Suffolk Black Face.


British Pork

Haag farm is on the Suffolk Norfolk border and is home to around 600 sows (female pigs). The  farm and abattoir is within a 60 mile radius, reducing any stress to the animals whilst limiting carbon emissions.


British Mutton

Mutton has seen a real resurgence, often overlooked as being to fat and requiring longer cooking times. Forge farm in Kent provides us with local Mutton, with lean, dark and a fuller flavoured meat.




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