5 Lunchtime walks in the East End

QMUL is in a great location with so many points of interest nearby and what better way to explore the area than on foot! Walk East have many examples of walks that you can follow to keep active in the East End.

We have put together some of our own walks in line with wellbeing week coming up in February to inspire you to get moving at lunchtime!

Walk 1 – Canal walk to Victoria Park

Head on to Mile End road and turn left. Walk over the bridge and turn left when you get to the New Globe pub. Follow the canal path for 20 minutes or so until you get to Victoria park – you can explore as much of the park as you have time to! Head back down the canal and take in the peace and quiet until you get back to the hustle and bustle of campus.


Walk 2 – Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

Head towards Mile End underground, making sure you’re on the right hand side of the road. Turn right just before you go over the canal and walk for a couple of minutes until you can cross over the canal and walk through Mile End park. Walk through the park to Hamlets Way, and continue down this road for 3 minutes and you will reach the Cemetery Park. Find out more about Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park – they have numerous volunteer opportunities if you fancy getting stuck in.


Walk 3 – Broadway Market

It’s best to do this route on a Saturday (if you’re around campus) to enjoy the market which is open from 7.30am to 7pm. You can take the same route as the walk to Victoria Park and just continue to follow the canal round until you reach Broadway Market – it should take about 35 minutes. Alternatively you can walk towards Whitechapel, walking along Whitechapel road and turning right onto Cambridge Heath Road. If you continue on this road you can walk through Bethnal Green to explore a different part of East London and past Cambridge Heath station. Cross the canal when you reach it, turn left and after a couple minutes you’ll be at Broadway Market!

broadway market

Walk 4 – Ripper Walk

This is a ready made route that we’ve found online and it actually starts at Liverpool Street station. If you have time for this one it’s a great way to explore historical areas around our Whitechapel campus.


Walk 5 – Charterhouse Square Dickens walk

Another ready-made walk, this time taking you through locations that set the scene for some of Dickens stories. Starting at Barbican, this one is a bit longer at an hour and a half but you can pick it up and stop when you like!


Do you have any favourite walks around campus or have tried one of these walks? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to check out Twitter for updates on the first staff wellbeing week!







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