Interested in a career in Sustainability? Make sure you read geography alumni Abbey’s top tips!

In November 2015, QMUL alumni Abbey Dajci spent a week work shadowing members of the Sustainability team to learn a little more about what their roles entail. She had graduated in July 2015 and was looking to build her understanding of the range of roles focused on environmental sustainability and so decided to undertake a series of work shadowing placements. In this blog piece she writes about why she made this decision, about what her work shadowing experience entailed, and her top tips for current 3rd years:

I’m currently sitting in the Sustainability Department, reflecting on my week gaining work experience. Yesterday I joined QMUL’s residential assistants to audit student recycling and ensure students were following recycling guidance (which they were, well done guys!).  Today, I completed producing a bespoke guidance to improve staff sustainability engagement on campus by producing a starter pack resource to be circulated widely to offices across QMUL.

If you’re currently in your third year and still haven’t figured out what you want to do with your life post-graduation because, you’re just about hoping and praying that you even make it to your graduation with the grade you want in order to be employed, then you’re probably in the same position I was this time last year.

However, towards the end of my third year I finally decided to make use of the hidden treasure also known as the Careers & Enterprise service. Believe it or not, they’re the only people who know what you want, even if you don’t. I’m not here to be biased as a QMUL alumni and say how amazing our university actually is (even though it actually is), but I’m here to lay the truth on what you should be doing if you’re pretty much clueless on what you want to do next September.

Here are a few beginners’ steps I should have given myself this time last year:

  • Ask at your departments’ reception who your main careers adviser is (even though you should already know this by now).
  • Don’t be afraid or lazy or postpone this next step: Contact your careers adviser. Politely ask to schedule a meeting with them about careers.
  • Meet your adviser. Be honest with yourself and tell them what you’re really interested in and what really drives you (not just within your degree, but also outside it).
  • Write a list and meet the goals your careers adviser sets you (don’t worry, they make sure that these goals are realistic and fit in with your schedule).
  • Meet your careers adviser at least once a week or a fortnight until you feel you have enough information or set applications to keep you busy during the summer and the following September.

You’ve got this. Stay proactive.

-Abbey Dajci


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