I’m dreaming of a green Christmas…

There are a number of ways you can make your Christmas greener this year. Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to cut down on turkey or stop eating chocolate coins for breakfast. Instead we’ve got 10 top tips to help you help the planet as you drink mulled wine and get merry. We promise you won’t even notice a difference!

  1. Recycle your wrapping paper (if you can)

Some local councils allow you to recycle wrapping paper but others don’t, make sure you check beforehand. You can also buy recycled wrapping paper, Paperchase sell recycled paper which you can decorate with ribbons and stickers. You can always rely on Pinterest for some wrapping inspiration to get you in the mood!

  1. Fairtrade, fairtrade, fairtrade

I’ll make this one quick but it’s another easy rule to stick to. If you make sure your Christmas goodies are Fairtrade you can stuff your face and feel (relatively) guilt free – happy days! The Fairtrade website has some ideas for Fairtrade wine and recipes for the party season.

christmas dinner

  1. Don’t neglect charity shops

Charity shops are a great place to look for all sorts of Christmas related paraphernalia, from decorations and cards to gifts and clothes. Staying local also means you won’t have to battle Oxford Street at this time of year! Oxfam, Great Ormond Street Hospital, the British Heart Foundation and Marie Curie all have online shops so you don’t even have to leave your sofa and, even better, if you panic buy at least you won’t feel guilty!

  1. Recycle your Christmas tree!

Real Christmas trees are recyclable, so check with your local councils whether they have any collections arranged for early January. If you’ve opted for the fake Christmas tree and it’s reached the end of its life, don’t chuck it away, give it to a friend or see if the local charity shop will take it.

christmas tree

  1. Be thrifty with leftovers

If you’ve still got leftovers after a week of turkey based meals and bubble and squeak, check out BBC Good Food and Jamie Oliver’s website for some ideas to spice up your post-Christmas meals. If it’s really gotta go, make sure you put it in the food recycling bin.

  1. Donate or recycle unwanted presents

Got some presents you weren’t keen on? Don’t worry, just donate them! Even if you don’t love it, someone else will. Alternatively you can recycle them, someone else might be in need of another Christmas jumper or the novelty hat your Nan gave you! Charities Aid Foundation have some good tips on getting rid of unloved gifts.

  1. DIY!

Got some time off at Christmas? Save some money and get crafty. Pinterest again has it covered for all the homemade Christmas gifts and decoration inspiration you need! It’s also a good way of keeping your younger relatives occupied long enough so you can focus on watching Elf for the 10th time.

  1. Recycle your Christmas cards

Look out for collection boxes in shops in January and drop off your cards rather than chucking them in the bin, Marks and Spencer and Sainsbury’s usually have card collection schemes so keep an eye out.

  1. Wrap up!

Rather than turning up the heating put on your Christmas jumper. We can only wear them once a year so we may as well make the most of it.

christmas jumpesr

  1. British Cheese

We’ve left the best till last! We couldn’t leave this blog post without mentioning cheese. Try to buy local British cheese if you can. There are cheese stalls at every Christmas market selling all kinds of British cheese, go have a look (and a taste) and stock up on Britain’s finest!

Christmas cheese


Do you have any tips for a green Christmas? Let us know in the comments box below.



Merry Christmas!


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