All I want for Christmas is…

Dear Santa,

This year QMUL have been really good by trying to save energy to help the environment, especially as we know the reindeers are worried about your home melting. So, as we are starting to think about what presents we would like this year, and as we have been really really good, we have come up with our top 5 energy saving ideas which we hope you can give to everyone this year to help keep the poles frosty.


  1. Turn it off- We cannot wait for the last day in work, halls or uni. It’s exciting finding out what everyone has planned over the festive season but it’s even better knowing that everything is turned off over Christmas, we know you get confused when you see the lights on but no one is home! This year we think everyone should remember to shut down and switch off all equipment, lights and heating before they go.


  1. Turn it off- Everywhere you look at Christmas you see twinkly lights and, even though we can’t deny that they do make us feel all Christmassy inside, we do worry about all the energy being wasted. Why not switch to LEDs and turn off the lights whilst you are out – not only will your lights will last longer, you’ll save approximately 60% of the energy used too!


  1. Turn it down- We all have our fingers crossed for a white Christmas but the only problem with that is that so many people then turn the thermostats up. This Christmas why don’t you add on another jumper whilst getting cosy and looking at the snow, this can add an additional 3 oC to your body it also means you get a little more use out of that festive Christmas jumper! Also remember to shut curtain when you can to trap the heat in and cold out!


  1. Put a lid on it- making Christmas dinner is a mammoth task with all the dishes and mouths to feed. A way to speed up the process and save some of that precious energy is to put a lid on your pans, this can save up to 80% of the energy!


  1. But our most favourite thing about Christmas is sharing it with family and friends. We know you visit so many homes where people are alone and fly past so many people who do not have a place to stay and celebrate this Christmas. Our last request on our list this year is to help others. Do you know an elderly person who is alone this Christmas or cannot afford to heat their home? Why not invite them around or contact Community Christmas to offer someone a seat at your table. Or donate some time to Crisis for their Christmas volunteer drive. Alternatively donate gifts or funds to a local homelessness charity, we like to support the Whitechapel Mission. To try and spread the Christmas cheer this year, we’re making shoe boxes to donate to Bow Food bank to try and raise the spirits of those less fortunate than us at this magical time of year.


This is our collection box, come and donate in Queens E223a!

Thank you for taking the time to read this Santa, we hope you have a very merry Christmas! We’ll make sure we leave out mince pies and carrots to keep you and Rudolph going through the night.

From the QMUL Sustainability Team!

 Don’t forget to follow the Sustainability team’s Twitter for the latest sustainability info and events around campus. You can also get in touch via our email


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