Come to the Sustainability Careers and Volunteering Mini Fair to start building experience for your career!

A few weeks ago I wrote about the difficulty of finding jobs in the Sustainability sector, particularly when there are few formal graduate schemes providing a clear entry point for graduates. Another common issue that many Sustainability professionals seem to encounter, is that people don’t always grasp what we do. We frequently get students asking about our jobs, and they are surprised by the range of behind-the-scenes work that goes into creating a sustainable business.

This seems to stem from the fact that sustainability, or sustainable development, as a concept is incredibly broad and can be interpreted in a myriad of ways. Sustainable development can generally be defined as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (Brundtland, 1987). However, this definition is utilised in everything from academia, to big business, to retail, to facilities management, and even the oil industry. Equally, whilst most places follow a “triple-bottom line” approach, it’s common that organisations will focus on the 1 element that is most accessible, or most relevant to their operations.

Under this banner there exists a huge spectrum of jobs in a wide range of industries. For students and graduates, this presents a challenge: it’s difficult to know where to start.

That’s why we’re inviting QMUL students to the first in a series of sustainability-focussed careers events over the next few months. They aim to help you answer 3 of the most common questions we get asked:

  1. Where do I go to start building experience for a career in sustainability?
  2. When I graduate, how will I land my first sustainability job?
  3. With all these industries, how do I begin to communicate my skills and experience?

The Sustainability Careers and Volunteering Mini Fair showcases local volunteering, project placement and graduate opportunities for you to gain standout work experience for your CV. The aim is to answer the first question of the 3 listed above.  It’s an event anyone who wants to follow a careers path with a positive social or environmental impact, but is worried about how to start building initial skills and experience.

Find out more below:

The Sustainability Careers and Volunteering Mini Fair

1st December, People’s Palace Foyer, 11am-1pm


The Fair is open to all students at Queen Mary University of London:

  • Discover local volunteering and work experience opportunities to help build your CV;
  • Ask questions to graduates and alumni working in the sector;
  • Explore a range of roles in the Sustainability sector;
  • Find out what it’s like to work in jobs with a social or environmental impact;
  • Ask questions about graduate roles in a relaxed and informal setting

Confirmed to attend include:

Tower Hamlets Clean and Green, the Mayor’s Low Carbon Entrepreneur, Fairshare, Green Mary, QM Young Greens, Warpit Reuse, Providence Row, EcoActive Education, Centra Volunteering, Tower Hamlets EBP, CCHF-allaboutkids, Barts Charity, Debate Mate.

You’ll also be able to meet with QMUL Sustainability, the QMSU Volunteering Service, and Q Projects to talk about careers and volunteering support you can access on campus.

Register now via the event page.



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