Shining a Light on QMUL’s Solar Panels

Over the summer QMUL has been busy installing Solar Panels on the Mile End Library Roof. We know a lot of you are interested in finding out some of the facts and figure behind the panels so we thought we would shine a light on our new panels.

We installed 126 solar panels on the library roof, whilst we were up there we also relayed the roof, added insulation and put up a fence!

Library PV 1

The panels will generate 32.43 MWh of energy in their first year, this is enough to power 2.4 homes!

Library PV 2

The solar panels will also help us save 17.16 tonnes of CO2 a year contributing to our Carbon Management and Implementation Plan.

Library PV 3

The panels are in ‘plug and play’ beds meaning if we ever need to we can simply unplug them and put them on another building.

Library PV 4

These panels are our second lot of PV panels with some on Fogg as well!

LIbrary PV 5

If you are interested in our other energy projects please get in touch via our email or follow the Sustainability team’s Twitter.


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