5 tips to help you have a green Halloween!

With only 3 days to go until Halloween we couldn’t resist sharing some tips with you that will make sure your Halloween party is as environmentally friendly as can be. Who said you can’t be green and have fun on Halloween…?

Don’t waste those pumpkin seeds!

As Jamie Oliver so wonderfully puts it, the seeds you normally discard are ‘perfect for grazing, as well as tossing into salads, or sprinkling over soups and savoury bakes’. So, what are you waiting for? Follow his step by step guide on how to roast your own before you get carving and throw them away.

Compost it

When you’ve had enough of the pumpkin aromas drifting through your flat, don’t just throw them away – you can compost it! If you don’t have a compost bin, give it to a friend who does or put it in a food waste bin.

Fairtrade treats

You knew this one was coming…but we couldn’t hold it in. Make sure the treats you have stocked up for the trick-or-treaters (or yourself) are Fairtrade certified – every little helps!


There’s not a fancy dress costume out there that can’t be covered in blood and made Halloween appropriate. We all have a box full of old costumes from freshers’ week so get digging and improvise!

Pumpkins aren’t just for show…

They taste great too (or so they say). Check out The Curve’s recipe for pumpkin tart as well as a fact-sheet on why you should eat more pumpkin. You could even buy a pumpkin after Halloween and try out different recipes whilst this wonderful veg is still in season.

So, those are our tips for having a ghastly green Halloween…do you have any tips? Share them in the comments section below!

Happy Halloween!!


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