Cycle Superhighway 2 – What’s going on outside campus?

For most of you reading this, you won’t have been here over the summer months to notice the building work going on outside QMUL, but for those of you who have and for those of you joining us this September, this blog will hopefully answer any questions you might have about what’s causing all of the disruption.

The work going on is part of London’s Road Modernisation Plans, where over £4 billion is being invested to improve London’s Roads through a number of different projects including the transformation of bridges, public spaces and tunnels around the capital. With over 26 million journeys starting on London’s roads every day, it is a much needed investment in order to try and keep up with the city’s rapidly growing population.

One of the projects and the source of much of the disruption is the improvement of Cycle Superhighway 2 which stretches from Stratford to Aldgate and is being carried out in different phases, due to be complete by April 2016. Improvements include segregated cycle tracks along Whitechapel High Street, most of Whitechapel Road, Mile End Road and Bow Road, allowing a more safe and comfortable environment for cyclists without having to take space away from pedestrians.

In addition, key traffic signals and junctions will be upgraded improving safety for cyclists and pedestrians along this key route for QMUL.

These improvements are a really positive step forward in terms of improving the sustainable transport infrastructure around our campuses and will, hopefully, help to make the notoriously dangerous route much safer for everyone. Thank you for your patience whilst this work is being completed!

If you want to find out more about Cycle Superhighway 2 make sure you check out TfL. We’ve also now got a new Twitter page to update you all on the latest sustainable travel news and information from QMUL, so do follow us and tweet us any questions you might have!

CS2 map

Source: TfL

Blog post by Sara Aziz, Sustainability and Energy Project Assistant


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