Free Environmental Auditor Training- 3rd June

Once again QMUL Sustainability are really excited to be offering a fantastic environmental volunteering opportunity that could help you land a lucrative sustainability job once you graduate.

On 3rd June we’ll be holding our Green Impact audits, and we’re looking for enthusiastic students to help with the process. Green Impact is an environmental accreditation scheme with a competitive streak in which staff from across QMUL for teams and compete to complete the most environmental actions from the Green Impact workbook. These actions include a vast array of environmental aspects, from putting up posters to encourage recycling, to setting up your own community garden!

The day will kick off at about 9.30am with a few hours of training, at lunch we’ll feed you (for free of course!), and in the afternoon you’ll be taking part in at least 1 environmental audit with a Green Impact team. You won’t be alone for this as we’ll pair you with another student auditor.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in environmental / sustainability issues to learn more about environmental auditing. The purpose of the role is to check that what staff say they have completed in the workbook is what they’ve really done in order to ensure the integrity of the accreditation scheme. External to QMUL, environmental auditing skills are used to verify whether organisations across the country are complying with environmental legislation. There are environmental auditing opportunities in a variety of organisations, including the Environment Agency, environmental consultancies, and waste and water industries.

As such, good auditors are thorough, honest, and have an eye for detail. They are also good at asking the right sort of questions, and putting people at ease. However, we’re not looking for ready-made auditors and the training we offer will address ways to develop these skills.

What’s more the free training that we offer is approved by IEMA- the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment. This is the professional membership body for the sector, and you will see that many environmental consultancy jobs ask that you are an IEMA member as a prerequisite to the role.

If you’d like to learn more or book yourself onto the course have a look at the poster provided, and then email before the 29th May.

 Audit Poster


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